Cryo Cooling Elements (Case of 15)
Cryothermic Cooling

Cryo Cooling Elements (Case of 15)

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Cryo Cooling packs have proven effective in emergency medicine in cooling patients suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, as well as reducing fever in the ICU.

Now we're proud to bring our medical cooling packs to the cooling of athletes, firefighters, and workers suffering from heat illness.

Each case includes 12 Cryo Cooling Elements (packs) which have been proven effective in EMS, Emergency Rooms and ICUs in lowering patient temperature up to 3˚C/5.4˚F in less than 20 minutes!

Each case also includes 6 Cryothermic Wraps. These provide a simple, effective way in which to securely hold the Cryo Cooling Elements against the carotid regions of the patient's neck for maximum effectiveness.

Sold in Case of 15 Cryo Cooling Elements

Buy 2 Cases...Get a FREE Cryo Backpack Cooler!

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